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Focusing on your business, we think about the security of your company! We are the right partner for your application needs.

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UpSecurIT offers customized solutions for its customers.

Solution 1

UpSecurIT Challenge

With the UpSecurIT Challenge you can set up challenges for hackers. The UpSecurIT Challenge is an alternative method to the classic Pen Test.

Solution 2

UpSecurIT Self-Managed

Manage the security of your company. Receive, review and fix your company's bugs reported by UpSecurIT's Hackers.

Solution 3

UpSecurIT Partial-Managed

Receive verified bugs from our team and your security department will only have to fix them.

Solution 4

UpSecurIT Fully-Managed

Entrust UpSecurIT to review and resolve vulnerabilities with our specialist team.

Worldwide Team Of Experts

UpSecurIT, thanks to hackers registered on the platform and its internal IT reporter, supports a worldwide team of experts in IT security. With UpSecurIT, you no longer have to worry about the threat of external attacks. White Hat's team is at the customer's disposal to identify and solve all application threats.

Better Than a Classic Pen Test

Built on the most advanced technology, our platform helps your business stay safe from fraud and malware while protecting its reputation.

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Why Choose UpSecurIT

Safety at an advanced level, with customized and specialized solutions.

Solution 1

Worldwide team of researchers with expert skills in finding critical vulnerabilities.

Solution 2

Personalized customer support to help manage all your security programs.

Solution 3

Centralized Platform for cost-effective managment and vulnerability discovery.

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