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UpSecurIT offers a Professional Vulnerability Assessments for your company. Penetration Testing, Malware Removal, Security Monitoring.

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The primary objective for a network penetration test is finding vulnerabilities in your network, systems, hosts and devices before somebody else does it is.

Performing regularly Penetration Test helps companies to discover their network security weak points, that may lead to compromised or destroyed data and equipment by Exploit, Virus, Trojan, Denial of Services attacks and other intrusions.


The primary objective of web application penetration testing is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in applications. A Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT) focuses on evaluating in-deep the security of a web application.


For any modern business the doors need to stay open for the whole world. That means a lot of attack surface and many people and robots coming in. Now, that can be good for business, but if windows are leaking and doors wide open, a lot of bad things can happen too. Our server protection services help your business to achieve the required level of security investment.


Internet of Things is coming! Moreover, a lot of Android and iOS devices stay online, with all their vulnerabilities and weak points exposed to the world. Our iOS/Android penetration testing service you bring you peace of mind, as well as proof that your business critical assets are delivering just the level of risk you planned.

professional security services
About UpSecurIT


We at UpSecurIT are professionals of Cyber Security with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge. With our excellent services you can make sure that all relevant capabilities are available for your organization. The business ecosystem and operating environment of today is global more than ever, spanning across continents and old borderlines. We at UpSecurIT know how to deal with the issues of global marketplace and complex regulative environment.

Cyber security threats form the core backbone of the risk management process of any modern global enterprise. We help your organization to ensure that your cyber security investment stays at optimal level and that you get protection and security worth of the whole investment.

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Security FAQ’s

A penetration test gives your organization good tools, so that you can ensure that the strategic risk management decisions are working and configured as expected. Additionally, the management has accurate and credible data to support further investment initiatives and business planning. Generally speaking, comprehensive testing is the only way to ensure that your business complies with the complex and evolving regulatory demands.
Specific timeframe for penetration testing is derived from the strategic risk management of each business. Penetration testing is an ongoing  effort, therefore it can bring instant improvements right away. Typical testing cycle can last anywhere from weeks to months.
professional security services
Security BLOG
November 9 2017 | Cyber Security IT Security

Israeli Business Accelerator Building German Relations

One of the most prominent and successful countries in boosting up their cyber security industry has inevably been Israel. For some reason, perhaps something to do with their regulative environment or particular relevance to specific European and American countries, Israel has been able to establish quite a few of cyber security businesses and sold them […]

November 8 2017 | Cyber Security IT Security

Cyber Security For Aviation From Poland

Aviation industry is booming despite various tragic, if not unusal and unsolved, mysteries and incidents. For countries big and small, continents and market area across the world it is more than essential that flights run in schedule, planes wont divert suddenly somewhere and what is more, that all luggage get delivered just in time. And […]

November 8 2017 | Cyber Security IT Security

Radical Cyber Security Discard Regulation

Recent strong headlines of massive data breaches around the world cause unintended consequences. Like in any war, in the cyber war, information war if you like, various campaigns and efforts cause much more that what was actually intended. From the point of view of an attacker, most of them fail for sure – either they […]

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